Best New Features for Messages in iOS 14

Best New Features for Messages

Apple’s iMessage has for quite some time been the unrivaled strategy for sending and getting writings (just from iPhone to iPhone, obviously). With the rollout of iOS 14, what is presently referred to just as “Messages” has some new highlights that truly advantage the devoted gathering texters among us.

By choosing a gathering visit, you can name and dole out a custom picture to every discussion. Simply tap on a gathering talk, at that point the names at the top, at that point the “I” for data.

Messages likewise let you pin your most significant discussions to the top, so no additionally looking to discover the perfect string. You should simply long hang on the talk until the drop-down shows up, and select “pin”.

In the event that your gathering talk gets somewhat wild, you can label explicit individuals to guarantee they’ve seen your message: simply type in one individual’s name, tap on it when it turns dark, at that point select their contact card when it springs up. This will caution the individual that you’ve tended to them straightforwardly. You can likewise answer to only one message by long-holding the particular thing until the alternative to “answer” comes up. Anything you type will be included legitimately beneath the first message.

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