Deepika Padukone acqueline Fernandes’ on NREGA job cards in MP

Bollywood stars Deepika Padukone and Jacqueline Fernandes, in Madhya Pradesh government’s record books, are taking a shot at MGNREGA compensation in Khargone locale. They have even pulled back compensation for June and July.

Photos of these entertainers have been secured on family position cards, transferred online under MGNREGA recipients, of at any rate 11 individuals in the far off Peeparkheda Naka town in Jhirnia panchayat, about 170km from Indore. Occupation cards of men, as well, convey photographs of Deepika and Jacqueline.

Khargone gatherer Anugraha P revealed to TOI that the zilla panchayat CEO has been approached to explore this right away. “The employment cards will be checked and fundamental activity taken,” she said.

A few locals were amazed to secure the position card pictures on the web. Delight went to caution as they understood wages had been drawn against these cards. “I was astonished to discover Deepika Padukone’s photo on my family work card transferred on the web,” resident Sunil Singh said.

Monu moniker Manoj Shivshankar, whose employment card additionally has Deepika’s photograph, stated, “I have never gone for work. Somebody played naughtiness and cheated cash.”

Jacqueline’s photo was secured glued against online position cards gave to groups of Padam and Umrao, both of whom have printed copies of their unique occupation cards with their own photos and use them to get work under MGNREGA.

Khargone Zilla panchayat CEO Gaurav Benal disclosed to TOI that a group has been shipped off Peeparkheda Naka to test the issue. “Starting at now, data has been gotten around 11 employment cards on the entryway with photos of Bollywood entertainers. The recipients were appeared as working in the development of lakes and trench fix under occupation exercises of MGNREGA. Some sum has likewise been pulled back in June and July,” he said.

The panchayat secretary, business aide, and sarpanch are answerable for work card creation and support, said Bengal.

Jhirnia janpad panchayat CEO Mahendra Kumar Srivastava said the recipients have given articulations on Friday that they have gotten compensation. Asked how the online cards convey photos of entertainers, he stated, “It will be clear after the examination.”

Source: Indiatimes

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