How to Customize iPhone Home Screen in iOS 14

Has this ever transpired: You open your telephone and simply wish that you could change the application symbols and textual styles into a coordinating, cutesy subject? Well, there’s uplifting news for you on iOS 14!

After you settle on what topic you need to consummately pass on your character, you’ll need to get a few symbols. You can utilize a site like to pick the ideal coordinating set and spare these new symbols to your camera roll.

At that point download the application Widgetsmith, which will let you change the shadings and textual styles on your home screen, and Shortcuts, which is an Apple application that will let you change the symbols themselves.

Presently in Shortcuts, you’ll need to take away from the symbol you downloaded, to the application you need them to open. In Shortcuts, hit the “+” sign to make another alternate way, at that point “include activity,” and “scripting,” at that point the “open application” order. From that point, you pick the application you need to open. At that point tap the three spots and select “add to the home screen.” Enter the name of the application and tap the symbol photograph to one side so as to “pick photograph” and supplant it with the symbol you want. Rehash this cycle for each application that you need to supplant with a custom symbol.

Know that doing this cycle will hinder the time it takes for your applications to stack (as they need to experience another Shortcut way), however all that will look so charming, it might be justified, despite any trouble.

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