Parallels Desktop 14 is available now for Mac, and it includes Mojave support

Another rendition of Mac-based virtualization programming Parallels Desktop was delivered today. Equals Desktop 14 offers plate space productivity enhancements, quicker application-dispatch speeds, macOS Mojave uphold, extended Touch Bar upholds, better OpenGL designs execution, and a few other improvements

A great many people who use Parallels use it to run Windows inside macOS, and the updates center around that by improving execution and adding new highlights to make the two working frameworks work all the more consistently together.

The key element the Parallels group is pushing for this delivery is capacity enhancement. Virtual machines can occupy a ton of room, and that can be difficult when you’re working with restricted strong state stockpiling in present-day MacBooks. This delivery professes to let loose noteworthy plate space in most (yet not all) cases—up to 20GB in certain circumstances. There’s additionally a “Let lose Disk Space” highlight that will, sometimes, make it simpler to pinpoint where you can accomplish a few investment funds. A portion of the overall space reserve funds originates from more productive pressure for states spared with the Snapshots include.

Equals Desktop 14 additionally brings improved design execution in specific Windows applications, utilizing the multi-stage OpenGL illustrations API. Obviously, Apple reported at its engineer gathering in June that OpenGL will be expostulated in macOS, with Apple’s own Metal designs API the main upheld way going ahead. At the point when we got some information about this, he revealed to us that OpenGL actually works for the quickly not so distant future however that the Parallels group is dealing with future arrangements including Metal.

A year ago, Parallels included Touch Bar uphold for Windows applications. That is enormously extended in Parallels Desktop 14. New applications are currently upheld out of the crate, including:

windows 10 Parallels Desktop 14 is available now for Mac, and it includes Mojave support

Microsoft Visio and OneNote






Visual Studio

Equals incorporate a device for making custom Touch Bar designs for Windows applications that are not effectively upheld; this delivery makes that especially ground-breaking with an XML composing highlight.

Different highlights incorporate shared camera uphold for cameras with up to 4K goal, Microsoft Ink uphold for Microsoft Office with pressure-affectability uphold in certain applications, quicker boot times and application dispatch speeds, quicker suspend procedure on APFS allotments, fundamentally improved execution on the iMac Pro with AVX-512, and little UX enhancements like advancement bars in the dock for Windows applications.

Equals Desktop 14 is accessible now with a yearly membership beginning at $79.99 or an unending permit at $99.99. The Pro and Business versions will hamper you a smidgen more, however—$99.99 every year.

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