Shuffle Netflix Shows if You Don’t Have the New Feature

I’ve been hearing reports that Netflix is trying out another “Mix” alternative, which is actually the sort of thing we need during these pandemic occasions—an approach to make our gorge meetings last considerably more. The element isn’t accessible for everybody presently, except it shouldn’t be. With a couple of cunning workarounds, you can rearrange through Netflix’s tremendous library of substance at this moment.

Before we start, it merits verifying whether you are one of the fortunate ones who as of now has the beta of the Shuffle alternative. On the off chance that you are, it will be difficult to miss: On your “Who’s watching Netflix?” screen, you’ll see another “Mix Play” alternative; you may likewise observe a “Play Something” choice on your fundamental Netflix screen, which will at that point hop you to a “irregular” Netflix show or film—one that has been curated dependent on the substance you effectively like, and not a genuine mix, as Variety clarifies.

In the event that you don’t perceive any of these alternatives, you can either stand by to check whether they show up—I wouldn’t squander my energy on that—or you can assemble a guess of this component into your Netflix experience utilizing some sharp outsider hacks.

Browser extensions that randomize Netflix

If you’re a Chrome user, I recommend checking out the following:

  • ShuffleFlix: Let’s you jump to a random episode for whatever series you’re watching. You won’t just get some crazy Netflix show you have no interest in viewing; instead, the experience is akin to all those times you would turn on Law & Order and swear you’ve never seen the random episode you happened upon, even though you’d probably actually seen it six times already over your years of watching reruns.
  • Randflix: Same deal, different extension. If you’re having issues with ShuffleFlix, Randflix is a good alternative.
  • Netflix Shuffle: Look! It’s the Firefox version of those other “shuffle through a random episode” extensions. It only works with a certain list of shows, though, make the option less impressive for Firefox fans. If you only care about one show—say, The Officeyou can probably find specific randomizer extensions for that, too.
  • Random Star Trek is just a website, not a browser extension, but it’s the perfect go-to if you want to shuffle your way through all the Star Trek franchises on Netflix (or Hulu).

iOS Shortcuts for Netflix shuffling

If you like to watch Netflix on iOS, you have a few options to help you pull up random Netflix content (or episodes of a particular series). Here are two general ones, and here is one specifically geared toward The Office. You can probably find more built around specific shows, or at least use these as the basis to create a randomizer for your own favorite series.

As for Android…

I haven’t found a good option for Android, which is a bummer. You can always use the slightly more generic Netflix Roulette website to assign you a random show or movie to watch on Netflix. It’s not as seamless as using an app or hack that lets you jump to a new show within your Netflix app, but it’s something if you’re looking for a shuffle option for the streaming service.

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