The Best Places to Find Free PDF eBooks

The Best Places to Find Free PDF eBooks

My go-to approach to escaping the Covid pandemic has been to air out a decent book and lose all sense of direction in its pages. In the video above, I share how you can get your hands on eBooks without spending a dime.

Arthur was right: Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card. Apps like Libby (iOSAndroid), OverDrive (iOSAndroid), and Hoopla Digital (iOSAndroid) make it unimaginably simple to obtain advanced books utilizing your library card. Libby can even interface with your Amazon record to consequently send books you’ve acquired to your Kindle gadget.

Download some classics

Sites like Project GutenbergOpenLibrary, and ManyBooks all aim to keep digital archives of classic novels, and make them available for free. You won’t find last week’s New York Times bestsellers on these sites, but they’re great resources to finally read those classic you skipped in high school.

During the Covid pandemic, numerous enormous retailers are offering eBooks for nothing. Make certain to check Apple Books, Google Play Books, Amazon Kindle, and other computerized retail facades to look out for any titles you might have the option to catch for nothing. You may discover something on a precarious markdown as well.


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