YouTube Music drops monthly fee for Chromecast support

YouTube Music is at long last opening up Chromecast backing to everybody. Google Play Music is effectively unwinding this month, leaving YouTube Music as Google’s just music application. A significant component hole between the two administrations that we’ve been whining about has been the prohibitive Chromecast uphold. On Google Music, projecting just worked for everybody. On YouTube Music, projecting was confined to individuals paying for the month to month real-time feature. For the bring-your-own-music swarm, this implied in the event that you needed to project music you own to speakers you own, there was no other option except to buy into a real-time feature you most likely didn’t need.

Starting today, however, Google discloses to us projecting on YouTube Music should now work for everybody. Beforehand, when tapping the “cast” button, withdrawn clients would get a “buy into YouTube Premium” spring up box, however now YouTube Music will beginning shooting tunes to our speakers with no month-to-month expense.

The Google Music closure is as of now well in progress. The administration is booked to close down worldwide in October, and a week ago Google killed music transfers for everybody. That implies that while you can in any case stream, you can’t transfer new music to your record. So open projecting help for YouTube Music is showing up only a couple of days late.

Google has been attempting to stir YouTube Music into a strong trade for Google Music, however, it actually has far to go. YouTube Music began supporting transferred music in May with a pretty simple music-progress measure, however, the application comes up short on a ton of highlights. Downloading playlists for disconnected playback is as yet bolted behind the month to month charge for streaming music, as is Android Auto, which doesn’t bode well when you’re providing the music. The application is additionally missing essential music player highlights like arranging melodies, altering tune data, and reproducing Google Music’s smart playlists like “as of late included.”

Over on the Google Music subreddit, client BloodyMess has been assembling a totally gigantic rundown of the network’s grievances. Google doesn’t appear as though it will comprehend everybody’s fusses before the Google Music closure finishes, however it is, in any event, chipping away at some of them.

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